Does your RV need indoor storage?

Should you consider indoor RV storage when it is not in use? Here are a few reasons why we recommend indoor storage.

At Northshore RV & Boat Storage we offer convenient, safe RV storage for the Little Rock metro area. We understand the needs of RV campers returning from vacation and we want to make your transition back to your home life as easy as possible. That’s why we are the only RV storage facility in central Arkansas that offers a FREE onsite dump station.  

Your RV is an investment.

The biggest reason RV owners choose indoor storage for their RV is to protect their investment. RVs are significant financial investments that many owners carefully plan.

Finances aside, your RV probably has memories attached to it. You might spend some of the best vacations of your life in an RV. The memories you will make on your travels are well worth protecting.

You should also consider the resale value of your RV. If you ever plan to sell your RV, it will benefit you to have taken care of it during the off-seasons.

Has your RV seen a few summers?

If your RV is a few years old, you should consider indoor storage. As your RV builds character over the years it is a good idea to provide it with more protection. Even the highest quality RV is susceptible to wear when it is on the road.

The better you care for it during the off season, the longer it will benefit you for vacations.

Keep your RV safe from rodents.

There are many things you can do to your RV before it goes into storage that will help keep it safe from rodents and other pests. But indoor storage is the best way to ensure that your family won’t find any surprise passengers while on vacation.  

Easy Access.

Will you be needing to access your RV while it is in storage? Many RV owners appreciate having the option to check on their RV during its time in storage. This easy access also means that your RV will be ready to go on vacation as soon as you are.