Why You Should Choose A Local Business

Looking to put your boat into storage? We recommend climate controlled boat storage at Northshore RV & Boat. In a climate controlled environment, your boat is safe from the elements and extreme temperatures that could warp, discolor, or even damage your boat.

Northshore RV & Boat Storage is a local, convenient storage facility.  Here are a few good reasons to work with local businesses.


1. As the community improves, your home will become more valuable.

When you support local businesses, you are putting money back into your own pocket. A large part of the sales tax from your purchase will go to local government use. This means the fire department will have better funding, the parks in your area will be cleaned and maintained more frequently, schools will improve, and more.

When the community improves, it becomes a more desirable place to live. That is what will increase the value of your home.


2. Unique communities attract visitors.

Families and individuals go on vacation to places that have unique characteristics. Local businesses give the community they operate in a little more character. They diversify product options and offer unique experiences that large chain businesses simply can’t match.

Visitors are very good for the local economy.


3. Local businesses support non-profits.

You have to spend some money to keep your boat in climate controlled storage for a season. Why not choose to spend at a business you know will give back to the community? Local businesses benefit from the positive attention their donations give them, and the non-profits they choose to support have more funds to go after their cause.


4. You will get better service.

Local business owners are serving the community they live in. They have each customer’s best interest in mind. Word of mouth is the most valuable kind of advertising a business can get. A local business that does not offer quality customer service won’t be in business for long.


5. Local businesses provide better employment.

A local business will provide better jobs for the same reason they provide good service. They know how the decisions they make for their business will directly affect their employees. Many local businesses create a family-like working environment. Seeing that everyone is treated fairly and supported.

Treating an employee well will create a positive brand image with the community they do business in.


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