4 RV Storage Hacks You Might Find Useful

The title of this blog might be a little confusing since we are an indoor RV storage facility. We are talking about storage solutions inside your RV. Get everything packed conveniently and efficiently so your RV vacation will be more about enjoying the adventure and less about picking up your RV.

RV camping is all about making due with less and coming up with creative solutions. Here are a few RV storage hacks we found helpful. You’ve probably thought of plenty of your own, or maybe you’ve tried a few of these.

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1. Use the shower space.

Get a suspension rod that is easy to take down and reinstall. Put it up in the shower. You can hang more items and still use the shower when necessary. You also might find this extra space handy while doing laundry on the road.

Over-the-door shoe storage products also work great in the shower. Just make sure to get one made with mesh as plastic is more likely to get moldy.


2. Use the backs of all cabinet doors.

The back of your cabinet door might not be a good place to store anything heavy. It is a great place for utensils, paper goods, a small trash can, and more.

Keep your toiletries safe from germs by installing a container for them on the back of a cabinet door in your bathroom. Build your own using PVC pipe. Check out a tutorial for PVC pipe toothbrush holders here.


3. Get creative with velcro and Command Strips.

You’ve probably already got the remote control velcroed somewhere convenient so it doesn’t get lost while the RV is in motion. This technique works for many things. Just be sure you use material that is strong enough to support the weight you are asking it to hold.

What is something important that you have lost before on an RV trip? There is probably a good command strip or velcro solution for you — unless it was your dog or a small child, they take a little more effort to keep track of.


4. Secure your shelving.

The cupboards in your RV probably fasten shut so they stay closed during transport. What about the items inside? Get creative with velcro, plastic baskets, non-slip liners and more. If you’ve ever had a can of tomato soup fall on your head after a long day of driving, you’ll appreciate the extra effort to keep your shelves secure.

It could be something as simple as a zip tie that is velcroed to the sides of the cabinet, creating a temporary mini-fence to keep the contents secure. Or a towel rod installed on the edge of a tub to keep products from rolling all over.