Is paved flooring necessary for camper storage?

At Northshore RV & Boat we offer indoor camper storage to the Little Rock metro area. While your camper spends its time in storage, you can rest assured that it is being protected from the elements.

Here are a few reasons why we offer paved flooring for our indoor camper storage units.

Protect your investment.

As an owner, you already know that your RV or camper is property that is considered an investment. It is an investment in fun camping memories and so much more. Also, when it comes time to sell your camper and buy a new one, you’ll get top dollar for a well-cared-for camper. One that has been neglected, or left exposed to the elements for too long won’t be sold for as much.


The biggest threat to your camper during the off-season is moisture. From the inner-workings of your camper to the cleanliness of the interior, moisture poses a threat. If exposed to moisture during its time in storage, the camper will lose significant value. Not to mention all the work you’ll be doing cleaning up. You may even need to buy parts to repair damage.

When your camper is stored on a paved surface, moisture will not be an issue. Pavement drains the water away, or gets it evaporated by the sun. It gets rid of any moisture faster than a gravel or dirt surface.


The worst place you can store a camper during the off-season is on the dirt. Dirt turns into mud and that mud will stick to the undercarriage and skirted sides of your camper. It is a hassle to clean and, if left long enough, could degrade the materials.

Storing your camper on pavements eliminates the mud issue. The exterior of your camper will be clean when you come to pick it up.


When your camper is stored outside in the elements it is susceptible to many things. The weather can bring anything from damaging winds to a light dusting of pollen to damage the exterior of your camper. When you consider the many weather-related hassles Arkansas is known for, indoor camper storage is well worth the extra cost.