3 Reasons to Store Your Boat In Our Indoor Units

At Northshore RV & Boat Storage, we offer convenient, indoor boat storage to the Little Rock metro area. Our customers choose to store their boat with us for many reasons.

Here are a few.

1. So all your friends know when to come out of the woodwork.

Let’s face it. As boat owners, some of our friends stick around because they enjoy getting out on the water as much as we do. Who can blame them? Your real friends are the ones who are always down to hang out, talk about life, and get into trouble any time of year. During good weather, it is fun to have the I’m-the-one-with-a-boat bargaining chip in your social circle.

If you have your boat in indoor boat storage, there is no questioning when it is available for use. It is being protected from the elements during the times of the year you prefer it not be out on the water.

2. So you don’t get tempted to go boating in the winter and end risk hypothermia.

Arkansas has beautifuls summers for boating. While there is no official boating season in the state of Arkansas, there are times of year that are better for boating than others.

Going months without taking your boat out on the water can be challenging. Many boat owners get adventurous during the times of the year when boating is not as enjoyable. Why does it seem like a good idea to go boating in the middle of march? If you own a boat, you’d understand.

For safety reasons, it’s best if you stick to a boating season of your own. Choose the seasons you are familiar with and fully equipped to handle.

3. Because you are not native to Arkansas, but need to go boating in Arkansas.

Many of our non-native customers store their boats in our indoor storage units because they are conveniently located near family. Or they have other reasons for visiting our beautiful state, like for business or to meet up with good friends.

We might complain about the humidity and heat during the summer. When you get down to the benefits Arkansas has to offer those of us who prefer to spend our time outdoors, there is really no substitute.  

If you do most of your boating around Little Rock, it makes the most sense to use indoor boat storage in Little Rock.