Tips For Cleaning Your Camper

The best way to care for your camper during the off-season is to store it safely in a climate controlled camper storage unit. A climate controlled unit will regulate moisture in the air, protect it from harmful elements, and more

At Northshore RV and Boat storage, we offer our customers 24 hours surveillance for an additional $20 a month. Keep an eye on your well cared-for camper during the off-season so you know it is ready as soon as the weather is.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your camper.

Keep in mind the amount of time your camper has been sitting, unused.

Campers are a unique cleaning project because they go through seasons of intense use, than seasons of stillness. We recommend using natural cleaning products where appropriate and protective seals to preserve the surfaces in your camper during all times of the year.

Consider the space used in your camper.

Campers are compact. Every inch of space is used. That means every inch of space will need TLC at some point. This also means you don’t have a lot of room for cleaning supplies.

We recommend using all-purpose cleaners as much as you can. For example: vinegar can be used for many different jobs. It is free of harsh chemicals and has odor-neutralizing properties. Use vinegar to clean your window seals. The small spaces around your window are important to maintain, but difficult to get at. Use a Q-tip in vinegar to clean, wipe the excess vinegar off with a paper towel.

Use ammonia based cleaning products on the floor and common surfaces to get rid of germs and prevent mold from growing.

The only thing in your camper that can’t be cleaned with just any product is the toilet. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for your black water tank.

Start cleaning your camper from the top down.

Where do you start? With so many unique aspects of your camper, it is best to have a system. Start from the top, with checking the seals of the vents and skylights, and work your way to the floor.

Soon your camper will be good as new and ready for another day of adventures.