Get Your Boat Ready For Summer

Summer is here in the Little Rock metro area. Customers of Northshore RV & Boat Storage are coming by to pick up their boats from boat storage, getting them ready to hit the water.

Every boat owner knows that their boat will need some maintenance after a season of being in storage–even if their boat spent the season safely in a climate controlled storage unit.

Maintenance and cleaning.

You’re excited to start boating. Just don’t skimp on the most important details of getting your boat ready for the water. Every boat requires regular maintenance and cleaning for safety and to keep its like-new condition.

Make a checklist and a shopping list. Schedule out some time of your day for just you and your boat. Your boat will be ready for the water in no time.

Maybe consider some new safety rules—in light of last season.

Most boaters know the repeat pattern of the friends who come out of the woodwork just as the warm weather comes around. If you have boating guests, it is always a good idea to set some rules. You know all about boat safety, they don’t.

Consider last summer. Were there any incidents that could have been avoided if you had a rule in place. Refresh your rules—or create a list of rules for the first time—to make sure you and your pals have a good time.

Make a list of summertime adventures you want to go on.

Make this list by thinking of last summer. What boating adventures are worth repeating? Are there any central Arkansas boating locations you have always wanted to check out.

Planning ahead will help you optimize your summer fun. It will also give you a good excuse to go where you want, not just on the trips others want to go on.

Or maybe you want the kind of boating experience you can’t plan for. This summer, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is enjoy the water!