4 Reasons to Take Your Friends and Family Camping This Summer

You know how much fun camping is. Do your friends and family know? Here are a few good reasons to get your camper out of camper storage at Northshore RV & Boat Storage and take them camping.

Our location allows campers to take their camper out of storage and hit the road. We have instant access to I-430 and I-40. I-630 and I-30 are only five minutes away. Find us here. 


1. Learn, teach, or practice outdoor skills.

Outdoor skills are good to have. Spend time learning skills from your camping buddies. Help them with new skills you are familiar with. You never know when you will need basic, practical survival skills—we’ve all imagined how well we’d do in a zombie apocalypse. If you don’t practice these skills, you’ll become rusty.

Use your camping experience to improve and practice skills like:

  • building a fire,
  • setting up a tent,
  • fishing,
  • keeping bugs away,
  • botany,
  • filtering water, and more.


2. Detach from the busy world.

Fun fact: your busy schedule is often less important than it seems. Once you are out in nature you’d be surprised at how many things you realize aren’t as important as you thought. Sometimes we don’t realize how much stress our busy lives are causing until we escape it for a few days.

Productivity experts say that employees who make a habit of cleaning their mind and getting fresh air are more productive. They also have a much more positive attitude when it comes to problem-solving.


3. Bonding time with your friends and/or family.

Many say good relationships are the key to happiness. The relationships you have with your friends and family are very important. Camping is a great time to bond. You’ll share new experiences—some good, some bad—and create lasting memories.

The time you spend camping with family and friends is time well spent.


4. Get perspective from nature, the quiet, and the simplicity.

Nature is truly amazing. Exploring the grand adventures nature has to offer often makes city life seem a little less overwhelming. Find new strengths working together as a group. When you get back to city life—yes, you do have to go home eventually—you will all know more about each other and have a better understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t forget to go stargazing!