4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose an RV

Which RV is right for you? It might sound like a simple question to those new to the RV world.

Once you start looking into it you may have some questions. What if you want to RV during the winter? Should you choose an RV that can accommodate several people should you need to travel with lots of family members? Is there an RV that offers some kind sanctuary from said family members during a long RV trip? What if you adopt 11 dogs?

There are several types of RVs and each are meant for different kinds of adventures.

At Northshore RV & Boat Storage we store RVs for many different kinds of RV adventurers. Here are a few tips we’d like to share, on choosing the right RV, with you.


1. When you think of RV vacations, what are you picturing?

This is important. Your expectations are everything. Each type of RV accommodates different needs and prioritizes different amenities. If you are considering an RV because tent camping is not a good option for you anymore, you may consider an RV with exceptionally comfortable sleeping quarters and other amenities for comfort.

Are you looking for a cheap way to get out of your parent’s house? You’ll need to look at fully-equipped RV trailers that have all the amenities you’ll need day-to-day.


2. How are your driving skills? How much towing capacity do you have?

Class A RVs can be up to 45’ in length. In many states, you need a special license to drive them. If you don’t think you are up for the challenge of moving a large vehicle around a quiet campground, perhaps consider a smaller RV that folds out for more space when you park.

RV trailers can be quite large too. 5th wheel trailers are a little more pricey, but they are easier to maneuver because they attach to your truck from the cargo bed.

5th wheel trailers and travel trailers require lots of towing capacity. Many RV-ers own or rent a truck that is suitable for the trip. If you would rather stick with your own vehicle, consider a smaller trailer or pop-up trailer.


3. Will you need to run errands during your RV excursion?

When you are driving a motorized RV, running to the grocery store can become quite the ordeal. Sure we have ride sharing apps and taxi cabs, but those add extra expenses to your trip and they may not reach you out in a remote camping location.

Trailers offer the advantage of being able to detach from your vehicle. You won’t have to shut-down camp every time you run out of paper towels.


4. How many campers will you need to accommodate for?

A tiny travel trailer is easy to move around, but not suitable for a family camping trip. Make sure you have enough room for everyone to get a good night of sleep.

Need more room? Bring supplies to cook and hang out outside the trailer. Take the fun to the great outdoors.