Stay Positive in Unfortunate Camping Situations

Have you ever been camping under less-than-agreeable conditions?

At Northshore RV and Boat Storage something we rarely see in our customers, keeping their campers in climate controlled camper storage, is a lack of morale. Camping is healthy for you. It is a great way to spend time bonding with friends and family. Even when everything goes wrong, you still had a chance to get out there and have an adventure.

Camping is something the average Arkansas resident does at least a few times in their lives. The benefits always seem to outweigh the unfortunate—and what will later be a comical camping story for your family to share and elaborate on for years—events.

When you take your camper out of the climate-controlled camper storage it has been in and hit the road, you have to adapt your plans due to unforeseen situations. Here are a few ways you can stay positive.

1. Set realistic expectations.

When something goes wrong, be ready for it. You can’t plan for every mishap. You can schedule a relaxed schedule and keep extra supplies on hand.  Camping is all about problem-solving. When something goes awry, use it as a chance to work together with your fellow campers.

Camping is also about finding new experiences. Not all new experiences are fantastic. Maybe you drive a long way to see a site that doesn’t quite measure up to the expectations you had when you got your camper out of climate controlled camper storage.

Solve your disappointment with a plan to have fun enjoying the simple beauties of nature.

2. Remember, you are out there to have fun.

Your camper didn’t sit in a pristine, climate controlled camper storage unit for nothing. It was meant to get out there and have fun. Don’t try to cook the perfect meal. Remember why you love preparing food on a camping trip.

Don’t complain about less-than-ideal sleeping situations. After all: No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

3. Remember to be thankful.

In many ways, camping is a great way to remember to be thankful. As much fun as you and your fellow campers are having, you will appreciate getting back to a comfy bed at the end of the trip.

There is no Wifi in the forest, but we promise you will find a better connection.

Who is ready to go camping?