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Feeling Crowded In Your RV? 10 Tips To Get More Storage In Your RV

Do you ever feel crowded in your RV? It’s supposed to stand for Recreational Vehicle, not “Really cramped Vehicle.” So we’re going to give you 10 ways to help you declutter and increase your RV storage. To start, we recommend making an inventory list of what you have in your RV. Do you have any duplicates like multiple pairs of sunglasses or too many cups and plates? If you don’t need it, go ahead and part ways with it.  

1. Use storage bins in your shelves. This is a perfect way to organize your shelves and use all the space to capacity.

2. Use over the door mounted trash cans to save space. No screws, no hooks, all it takes is hanging the bin over a shelf door. Easy as that! No more using a plastic bag on a command strip anymore.

3. Gently throw out your porcelain bowls or leave them at home. Instead, replace it with stackable nesting bowls. Not sure what those are? Imagine one of those russian stacking dolls, where you open the doll up and there is the exact same doll, but slightly smaller inside. And when you open that one up, there’s an even smaller one. That is the same concept for these bowls and another perfect way to increase space and RV storage.

4. There are such things as roll up sink racks. They lay across your sink rather than on a countertop and are great for saving more space and RV storage on the counters.

5. Use a shoe organizer to store towels and other toiletries. Having a small bathroom is hard enough, and having everyone’s shampoo and toothbrush crowding it makes it worse.  

6. Need more space by your bed? Use a caddy night stand to hang between the bed mattress and frame. Not only is it perfect for dorm rooms, but is the perfect way to get a bit more out of your RV storage.

7. You want to keep your noggin protected! If you’re a family that loves to wear hats, bring a hanger and shower curtain rings. Loop the rings behind the hats, and clamp it onto the hanger to organise all of your cranium accessories.

8. Need just a little bit more seating, but don’t want to compensate with losing any more RV storage? Bring an ottoman! The convenience of added storage and a seat is a two for one!

9. Tackle boxes are great for storing smaller items and trinkets. They’re compact, have multiple compartments, and are portable. It easily fits under your seat or in cabinets.

10. Not only are broom mounts are a perfect way to hang supplies on walls. One way to save even more space is to place the mounts on the ceilings, so they’re completely out of your way. They’re also good for holding flashlights, too!

Now that you’ve got your RV storage handled inside, what are you going to do about your RV storage of the whole RV? We have storage units that can accommodate any size RV. Come in today and let us give you a quote.