Where not to store a boat

Top 5 Places NOT to Use for Boat Storage

Boats are handy vessels to have to get around on the water, but when it comes to boat storage, they can quickly become a challenge. Instead of looking at the best places to store your watercraft, let’s take a look at the places you should NOT use for boat storage.

  1.      On the Lawn in Your Backyard

Maybe this isn’t such a bad place for boat storage if you have a trailer the boat is loaded onto…but if you don’t, parking your boat next to the garden is not storage. What you’ve done is created an outbuilding. In other words, you now have a fancy-looking and difficult-to-access tool shed.

  1.      In the Pool

Okay, we admit that a swimming pool is a lot like a teeny tiny lake. It is a body of water, at the very least. Using yours or your neighbors’ swimming pool for boat storage is not only dumb, it really screws up pool parties. Unless you need a giant floating wet bar, that is.

  1.      On the Freeway Off-Ramp

There has got to be a stretch of highway nearby that no one uses. Off ramps are good choices simply because drivers tend to miss them altogether. This means there are pieces of pavement needing some kind of attention. However, using one for boat storage is an accident waiting to happen. That is, unless the boat is sitting in the slow lane.

  1.      On the Roof

Sure, roof racks on top of vehicles are designed for extra storage. If you think bigger than that, imagine what you could do if you had a giant roof rack on your house. It would eliminate the need for many other things, but boat storage is probably not a good way to utilize the available space.

  1.    Underwater

Um, okay. Who suggested this one? We see the potential because let’s face it, there is a lot of unused space just below the surface of any lake or ocean, which makes the idea of underwater boat storage sound somewhat plausible. But here’s the catch: a vessel stored underwater is typically one of two things. Either it is a submarine or it is some kind of boat wreckage. When a boat is stored underwater as wreckage, it’s very likely going to become an artificial reef, as the sea life that has been littered upon slowly takes back the territory.

Other Bad Places For Boat Storage

Without a lot of details, the other spots to not consider storing your watercraft include outer space, in the trunk of a midsized family car, behind a drive-in theatre movie screen and in the middle of a hay pasture. The other side of the coin is you could just bite the bullet and either pay for boat storage at a local marina or build a boat shed. Just remember, even a good magician can make the largest ship disappear in thin air, but sooner or later it’s going to need boat storage regardless of where it’s disappeared to.