Reasons Why Easy Access Is Important When Choosing Boat Storage

Having your boat in an easy-to-access location during the off-season is important to many boat owners. Here are a few reasons why you should consider easy-to-access boat storage

Northshore RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located off I-430 in Maumelle, AR. We offer boat storage for boats of all shapes and sizes. Check out our rates here:

1. Peace of mind.

Convenient storage options like Northshore RV and Boat take security seriously. We have 27 active cameras on our facility. Each customer has their own personalized access code they can use to access their boat at any time.

You’ll rest easier knowing your boat is just a short drive from Little Rock.

2. Retrieving forgotten items.

Here is a simple reason you would want easy access to your boat while its in storage: You forgot something. Maybe a younger member of your boating crew has left a special toy on board, or you left an item on board, mistakenly thinking it wouldn’t be needed until the season started. It happens.

3. Maintenance.

When the time comes to finally take your boat out on to the lake, the last thing you will want to worry about is maintenance. If your boat is easy to access during its time in storage, it will be easy for you to get it serviced.

Your boat will be ready to go as soon as the weather is good.

4. Convenience.

Boats require lots of upkeep. They need to be cleaned, waxed, serviced, fueled, and more. After a long season of boating fun, you’ll appreciate the luxury of easy-access storage.

5. Efficiency.

The weather is good, your crew is ready to go, and your boat is just a short drive from I-40. Having your boat in an easy-to-access storage facility means it’ll be ready to go when you are. No fuss.