Rules For RV Road Trips

Your RV, after its comfortable, off-season stay in a climate controlled RV storage unit, is finally ready to hit the road. Here are a few tips from the team at Northshore RV & Boat Storage to help you add some fun to—and maybe eliminates some stress from—your next RV vacation.

RV road trips are not like ordinary road trips. Your vehicle is much bigger, the campsites you park in are much more adventurous yet still relaxing.

Work out any issues with your RV before you leave.

It is a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your RV before you leave. Set up camp on your driveway for a night. Make sure everything is accounted for and in working order.

If this is your first RV trip, this initial inspection is very important and could take more time. Do yourself a favor and go over the owner’s manual. Ask questions. Check out every feature.

Personalize your campsite and make the most of your stay—even if it is a short one.

RV campers love to accessorize the outside of their camper during their stay at a campsite. Why? The fun is in the experience.

Take advantage of the whole park you’ve parked your RV at.

Go on trails, have dinner by a nearby lake, explore the park. RV trips are often more about relaxing, not about seeing as many RV campsites as you can. Once you set up your RV for the night, you’ll see why moving around isn’t favorable.

The work it takes to put your RV in camp-mode is easier done when you know at least  a few nights of relaxation are ahead of you.

Plan for additional transport.

Once you’ve got your RV in camp-mode, your main means of transportation has become stationary. Many RV campers bring bikes or cars to get around once parked. Need to run an errand, use a transportation service like a taxi.

Don’t be afraid to get social.

The RV camper demographic is very friendly. You will find that they are willing to help should you experience any issues with your RV that you are unfamiliar with. If some of the campers are more familiar with the site, ask about fun things to do.