Climate Control Storage

Climate Controlled Camper Storage: What’s the Big Deal?

Your camper keeps you comfortable during your travels and adventures. You must take care of your camper in return. One major consideration when it comes to taking care of your camper is choosing where to store it. If you want to protect your investment and keep your camper in top condition, indoor climate controlled camper storage really is the best way to go. With the maximum protection offered by climate controlled camper storage, you know your camper will be safe and ready to go when you need it.

If you’re not convinced, here are some of the top reasons to choose a climate controlled camper storage facility.

Protection from the Elements

Campers are designed to resist the elements. After all, you will probably experience all types of weather during your travels. However, when exposed to the elements over a long period of time, especially when you’re not using and taking care of your camper, the sun, rain and snow can all damage your RV.  From rust to structural compromise, anything can happen.

This is especially true during extreme hot or cold weather. A camper is a giant metal box, and the temperatures inside get magnified, causing internal parts to overheat and potentially get damaged. In a climate controlled camper storage facility, you need not worry about this.

Prevent Internal Issues

Humidity and other climate issues can damage the internal parts of your camper.  Everything from the shower seals to the water tank can present issues if the humidity changes while they aren’t being used.  Wood pieces and furniture can also be damaged by irregular humidity.  Climate controlled camper storage helps to ensure that the humidity is constant so that the internal parts of your RV or camper are always intact.

Eliminate the Chance of Mold

Mold can grow in a camper just like it can in your home.  This is most likely to happen when your camper is parked outside or stored in a facility where the climate is not regulated. Climate controlled camper storage helps to prevent the growth of mold.  Mold isn’t always easy to detect, so this benefit alone can save you and your family significant financial and health problems.


In a climate controlled camper storage facility, you know that your camper is secure. Our facilities also employ security measures such as guards, electronic locks, and surveillance systems to further safeguard your camper and the possessions inside it.

A lot of camper owners don’t think about where they are going to store their campers before they buy them.  Now that you know the importance of using climate controlled camper storage, you can save yourself costly repairs and know that your camper is always protected.