Boat Storage Facility

Our Boat Storage Facility Was Designed With Boaters' Needs in Mind

Boats make for great recreation on for summer vacations, fishing trips, and weekend outings. However, the downfall of owning one is the amount of space they take up if you don’t own a dock. A boat can consume a yard, garage or driveway. Some neighborhoods don’t even allow homeowners store their boats at home. This is where boat storage units come in. Our boat storage facility was designed with boaters’ needs in mind.

Why Use a Boat Storage Facility

1. Frees up space.​ Storing your boat in a boat storage facility means you will have room to move around in your garage again.

2. Peace of mind.​ Some neighborhood do not allow homeowners to park their boats on the driveway, so a boat storage facility offers you a chance to remain in the neighborhood you love without having to think about selling your boat.

3. Security.​ Just like cars, boats can be targeted by vandals and thieves and therefore it is risky to just leave them in the backyard or driveway. Leaving them outside also exposes them to the elements, wearing them down. Boat storage offers the protection and security that your boat requires.

4. Dry storage.​ While leaving your boat at the dock may seem a fitting storage option during summer, it might not be a good idea after all. A boat that is left at the dock suffers more damage because it is constantly thrashed by water. Dry boat storage units come in handy, especially if you will not be going out onto the water anytime soon.

How our Boat Storage Facility is Built for Your Vessel

At Northshore RV and Boat, we have several boat storage options to fit your budget and needs. Here are our top features that your boat will appreciate:

1. Paved surfaces.​ Unlike some facilities, all our storage units come with paved surfaces rather than dirt or gravel. This means your vessel stays clean while in boat storage.

2. Gated security access. ​All our boat storage units come with gated security, so you don’t have to worry about theft or vandalism.

3. You have options​. Whether you want a unit with electrical service or not, we’ve got you covered! Speaking of being covered, we also have both outdoor and indoor storage options.

4. Optimal floor plan.​ Our facility was built with the size of boats and RVs in mind. Therefore, our floor plan allows easy maneuvering, so you can move in and out of boat storage without the frustration and possible bumps and scratches that could come from trying to navigate a smaller facility.

5. Complimentary conveniences.​ Included in your boat storage is a free onsite dump station and running water for taking care of your boat.