Northshore RV & Boat Storage

Does My Boat Need Climate Controlled Storage?

At Northshore RV & Boat Storage we help our customers find the right storage solution for their boat during the off season. Don’t let the elements damage and depreciate the value of your boat. When summer rolls around, you’ll want to hit the water with a well-maintained boat. Climate controlled boat storage is a great choice for many reasons.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide how you want to store your boat during the off-season.

What Kind of Boat do You Have?

There are so many boating options these days, and it seems every boat has its own needs. For example: If any part of your boat is made from wood, it is even more important to keep it safe from extreme temperatures. The hot temperatures that Arkansas summers are known for can warp wood.

Does your boat have sensitive electronics? Before storage, many owners choose to take as many electronics out as possible. If there is electronic equipment that is difficult to dismantle and reinstall on your boat, you should consider the convenience of climate controlled boat storage. The electronics on your boat will be safe from the elements. Your boat will be ready to go as soon as the weather is good.

How Convenient do You Need Your Boat to be Located When it’s Time to Head to the Lake?

Climate controlled boat storage facilities like ours are usually located in the city. Northshore RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located just off I-40 and I-30. When you are ready to take your boat out of storage and on to the water, just stop by on your way out of Little Rock.

Will you need access to your boat during its time in storage? Some boat owners might feel more comfortable with the option of checking on their boat while it is in storage.

Are You Concerned About Theft or Pests Making Your Boat Their Home During the Off Season?

Speaking of peace of mind, indoor storage is the safest way to store your boat. Having your boat in a climate controlled facility offers additional safety from pests, critters, and even thieves.

Do You Ever Plan to Upgrade?

Many boat owners think of their boat as an investment. Not only an investment in a summer of fun and fishing, but a financial investment. When you are ready to sell your current boat for a new one, you’ll be thankful you went the extra mile to keep it in good condition.

Climate controlled storage will protect your upholstery, carpet, and electronics from harsh temperatures. It will also protect it from mold and mildew that often comes from the outdoor elements.