5 Tips for Planning an RV Vacation

It is time to take your recreational vehicle out of RV storage in Little Rock and take it on a vacation. Before you stop by our storage facility you should do some planning.

Here are a few tips for planning an RV vacation from the team at Northshore RV & Boat Storage.

1. Plan your route.

This part of the planning process, once decided, does very little changing. Plan your route based on where you want to go and what you want to see along the way. Print directions as a backup should your GPS or smartphone lose reception. 

Use an app like RV Trip Wizard to help find RV-friendly routes.

2. Make a flexible schedule of events.

Camping is full of unexpected changes. A flexible schedule will prevent minor hiccups from ruining the whole trip. This schedule should include the series of locations you plan to visit during your vacation and how long it will take to drive between them.

This schedule should take your budget into consideration. Leave room in your vacation budget for unexpected issues or events. Don’t forget to buy insurance before you leave!

3. Do your research.

Since wireless internet is not a guarantee during a RV vacation, do your research before you leave. Know what roads have tolls, constructions, an underpass that won’t fit your RV, and more. Check on the weather so you have a general idea what to plan for—the weather may be the most unpredictable part of your vacation.

Look up facts about each destination you will be RVing to. List amenities, nearby activities, RV specials and more. You can also download RV apps that will let you know if a route is not RV friendly and which way to go instead.

4. Reserve spaces.

The last thing you want to happen is to arrive at your destination and not have a place to park your RV. You will be tired from driving and your whole crew will likely be ready for a rest.

5. Protect your investment.

During the off-season, the season when you are not taking an RV vacation every chance you get, put your RV in RV storage at Northshore RV & Boat Storage.

We offer climate controlled units and 24/7 monitoring from your smartphone.